These policies are targeted to venture backed tech startups and are written with their cultural, legal, and financial considerations primarily. These are particularly targeted for early stage companies (think pre-seed to series a/b and 5-150 employees).

These are free to use/modify/share by anyone and suggestions/comments/updates are highly appreciated! Any questions please email [email protected]

General Policies

Code of Conduct

Signature Authority Policy

Flexible Work Policy

Travel Policy

Expense Policy

Equipment & Assets Policy


Vacation & Time Off Policy

Parental & Family Leave

Other Benefits


Handbook Acknowledgement Form

Company Credit Card Use Agreement

Other Useful Stuff

Due Diligence Request List

Are you potentially raising money in the next 6 months? Save headaches by straightening out your paperwork in advance - your new investors will tell you the actual set of docs they need but this is a good general list of what folks expect to see during due diligence

Sample Due Diligence Request List.doc